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Welkom bij Dutch Heritage World Tours. Op deze site staat (en komt!) veel informatie over Nederlands erfgoed in het buitenland. Dat kan gaan over oude forten, boerderijen, graanmolens, woonhuizen, kerken met begraafplaatsen, pakhuizen et cetera. Maar ook over immaterieel erfgoed, zoals Nederlandse leenwoorden of andere sporen die Nederlanders over de hele wereld hebben achtergelaten. In veel landen waar Nederlanders zich in het verleden hebben gevestigd, zijn nog altijd sporen van hun verblijf te vinden. Op dit moment vind je hoofd- zakelijk informatie over het Nederlands erfgoed in de vorm van audiotours voor smartphones en tablets die DHWT ontwikkelt en uitbrengt in de gratis reis- en museum app van izi.TRAVEL. Blijf ons volgen, want we zullen zowel de informatie over Nederlands erfgoed in het buitenland als het aantal audiotours regelmatig uitbreiden.

On our site you will find all kinds of information about Dutch Heritage abroad. It can be about anything from old forts, farms, mills, homes, churches with cemeteries and warehouses, to a legacy of Dutch influence in culture and language all over the globe. In many countries where the Dutch settled there is still evidence of their presence to be found. Currently we offer you this information primarily in the form of audio tours DHWT has developed and published in the travel and museum app from izi.TRAVEL for smart phones and tablets. Continue to follow us and check in as we continue to expand our information about Dutch heritage abroad as well as providing new audio tours!

Perhaps you already know that New York was established centuries ago by the Dutch and was named New Amsterdam. Do you also know how ‘Dutch’ New York still is? In the boroughs of Brooklyn and Staten Island (both names originating from Dutch colonial times) as well as Manhattan there are many indications of a Dutch presence. To the north in the Hudson Valley and the Mohawk Valley there is even more evidence to discover about the legacy left by Dutch colonists and their descendants. Go on your own journey of discovery with the DHWT audio tours we have developed in the izi.TRAVEL app.

After installing the app on your smartphone or tablet you can download the first tour: ‘How Dutch is New York – The New Amsterdam Tour’. Or follow this link to view and hear this tour on the izi.TRAVEL website: